Make a More Unique Keychain With Custom Photo

Crystal Keychain is great (just as most know). But a crystal heart keychain is usually even better. Not only allow you to personalize anything you like in them, but also add on a layer of pure beauty and attraction to the key set itself. No wonder why it’s one of the best things you can give a woman this Christmas!

For those who are not familiar with how to do a crystal key chain, the process is actually quite simple. First, you need to decide on a photo you would like to have on the keychain. To make it even easier, you can use a 2D crystal photo you can find online for free. You can do a search for a free 2D photo or get one from someone you know and have them scan it into a photo-editing program. Once you have your photo on your computer, open up the photo-editing program, and choose to ‘Add to Keychain.’ Now you can either choose to upload the photo to your crystal keychain or if you prefer, you can simply click on the image and add it to your personalized gift.

Once you have your photo added to the crystal keychain, here comes the important part: designing your personalized poem or expression. To do this, you will need to go to the keychain design program and go to the drawing tools tab. Once there, you can draw on your photo or choose from a variety of pre-designed poems or special instructions for your photo. These are the two most popular options you have and they make printing your poem much easier.

To add on special instructions, you can always print out your poem onto the photo crystal keychain. Then, use your marker or colored pencils to write your special instructions or poem onto the crystal. For example, to write ‘I love my sister’ onto the crystal you would simply use your marker or colored pencils to draw a line from your eye down to your sister’s nose. Then, connect this line to your sister’s nose with a small hook or eye pin.

After you have finished your photo personalized keychain, you can then do something fun to make the finished product even more unique. You could make your personalized photo crystal keychain even more personalized by giving it a personalized tag or pouch or placing a personalized label on the bag or pouch. This will add an extra personal touch and make your gift even more unique. If you don’t already have a personalized tag or pouch, you can always have one made up for you!

Personalized photo keychains are just one option for those looking for a more unique gift idea. Alternatively, why not consider a heart 3d photo keychain? Heart 3d photo keychain is just as cute and are also suitable for all age groups. You can easily order these heart 3d photo key chains online through a number of online retailers and you’ll also be able to personalize them by adding a personalized label or custom message on the back of your keychain.

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