Keychain Heart Jewelry – A Unique and Versatile Gift Idea

Keychain Heart is a handy tool to have on hand for giving out as gifts, carrying in pockets or stashing in jewelry boxes. These handy hearts are made of plastic and can be snapped together. They come in a variety of heart shapes, colors, and sizes. Personalized heart shapes and colors make these heart gifts great for giving out as gifts, carrying in purses or for home decoration.

This Personalized Keychain Heart is a practical stocking filler or house-warming gift. Choose 2D for a nice flat picture to look at. Choose 3D to display a picture with more depth.

Choose from the various heart patterns. Look at the detailed description to see the available heart patterns. Some of them are circular, some have animals with hearts sitting on them, some have flowers, some sparkle, others glitter. All of these hearts look beautiful hanging on any wardrobe or purse. Your personal expression can be printed on these hearts for a truly unique gift.

Use this Personalized Keychain Heart as a temporary tattoo. Snap it on your ankle when you take off your shoes. You will love this fun idea.

Try this Personalized Keychain Heart that is a combination of a heart and a clock. Make a design in either the shape of a heart or a clock and glue two pieces of thin cardboard together to form a heart. Cut out a piece of white poster board that is about three-quarters the size of the heart and glue two magnets on each side of the cardboard heart with the picture on the opposite side.

Create a gift basket with a variety of heart-shaped candy. Make your own gift tag with a ribbon. Decorate your basket with colorful embellishments that coordinate with the candy. If you are making your own basket, you might want to include some smaller heart-shaped items in addition to the candy. Wrap the basket in cellophane and add a personalized tag that says thank you.

You can add some real flair to your plain keychain heart jewelry by decorating it with beads. Purchase small beadworks and glue them onto a clear plastic jewelry findings. Wrap your jewelry findings in clear cellophane, then tie the resulting loop into a knot and insert it into the heart design you created. If you don’t have the time to craft your own charm, consider purchasing a ready-made charm that already has a heart shaped charm attached to it.

Keychain charm bracelets make wonderful gifts for children. They are cute and fun. Children will be thrilled to receive a gift like these. Children love to wear them and put them on. When they are tired of their present, simply remove the charm and give it to a friend or family member.

Keychain heart pendants are very versatile. You can use them to accessorize any outfit. You can use your keychain heart pendant as an everyday necklace. You can use it when you take off your coat or when you put your pants back on. Whatever you do, give a gift that will definitely be appreciated.

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